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She Draws, I Thread

‘She Draws I thread’ is a collaboration between me and my five year old daughter, Miya. She draws, and I embroider. Miya loves telling stories through her drawings and I wanted to preserve this beyond leaves of paper that can end up as clutter.

It’s amazing where a child’s mind goes and how their imagination in all their innocence is a mix bag of feelings, thought and uncanny observations of the world – sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, other times fantastical but always wonderful. (sometimes eyebrow-raising too!)

Embroidering her drawings and stories helpS me immortalise these precious moments.

Have a drawing or a child’s art that you want to keep forever? I’ll turn doodles on paper into something special through needle and thread.

To order, drop me a request at Commissions.

Please also check out the FAQ page for artwork limitations and commission lead times.

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About Miya

Miya brings me so much joy. She is unwaveringly kind, loving and adventurous. She loves drawing and I love listening to her stories. We crack silly jokes about her drawings and musings. Her mind astounds me – always filled with creative, imagination and wonder. Below are some of her favourite stories and drawings that I’ve recreated in embroidery.

A Park Life line drawings.JPG
A park life x.jpg

A Park Life – March 2017, Disneyland Tokyo

‘A Park Life’ is about a kind princess having a fun and magical day with her friends in the park. Even the sun, clouds, animals and birds come to life. A beautiful day, Mr. Sun is being silly. 

The snail cowgirl bunny x.jpg

 The Snail, the Cowgirl, and the Bunny – March 2017

“The snail calls out the bunny for being too slow. “Giddy-up yourself, Slimy Snail! HeeHa, let’s go”, says the Cowgirl instead.”

star line drawings.JPG
starvstheforces of evil x.jpg

Star vs The Forces of Evil – March 2017, Disneyland Tokyo

This is inspired by the cartoon series that Miya enjoyed during a family vacation in Tokyo.

“Star Butterfly is on a mission to save the world. She is more than just a princess. She is kind and knows a lot of magic, always surrounded by good friends. She has to protect her magic wand and fight evil monsters.”

Rapunzel line drawings.JPG
rapunzel let yr hair down x.jpg

Rapunzel and Talking Carrot – March 2017, Disneyland Tokyo

Rapunzel was out in the park having a nice stroll when she met a talking carrot.
She muttered in a strange language to the carrot. No one knows the secret language. They will take over the world. 

Color Balance.jpg

Abracadabra- March 2017, Disneyland Tokyo

Princess R and her friends are reaching out to the magical sky! Princess R says ‘Abracadabra!! 

Twinkle Twinkle 1.jpg
Twinkle Twinkle 2.jpg

Twinkle Twinkle - March 2017, Disneyland Tokyo

‘Twinkle twinkle little stars, Princess R is on a mission to save the world and enjoy a midnight feast with her friends at the palace.

dino drawings.jpg
dino embroidery .jpg

The Dino Cafe

'If Dinosaurs can talk, they should all hang out in a cafe!' said Miya. From top left, Parasaurolophus is playing a tune with his crest. Rainbow T-rex is practising yoga ( ohmn..). The rest of the dinosaurs are hungry. Dinosaurs are friends with humans too. All Illustrated by Miya and thread by me.

red riding sk.jpg
red riding hoop.JPG

The Little Red Riding Hood

"Im the Big Bad Wolf!" Argh...Run!. This is Miya's version.