Every memory has a story to tell. I create embroidered portraits of people and pets through needle and thread. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings – or if you simply just want a more awesome portrait.

starvstheforces of evil x.jpg

Option 1


Embroidered story hoop.


Option 2


Embroidered couple portrait with floral wreath

family portrait2.jpg

Option 3


Embroidered Family Portrait.


Option 4

$300 ++

Embroidered 家 (HOME) with customised elements & background.
*Price ranges on complexity of image and background.

How to Order a Custom Portrait


1) Please fill in the form below.

2) An email will follow with payment details, as well as inspiration and photo references.

3) Payments for orders delivered in Singapore can be made via local bank transfers. International orders will be payable through PayPal. Please check FAQ for lead times and delivery.

4) I will commence work on commissions after payment has been made. 

*Important* Custom Request Notes:

·       Although I am happy to create a personal piece for you, please note that there are some limitations to the work I can do. Such as details that are too fine or too small. Let me know what you’re thinking of, and we’ll work it out!

·       When accepting commissions, all requests will be placed in a queue. Please inquire about wait time when making your order, and plan in advance when requesting pieces as gifts. The turn-around time is based on where you sit in the queue, and varies from there depending on the complexity of the piece.

·       Each piece can take 2-6 weeks depending on my existing workload. Check the FAQ for average turn-around times. This is a guideline, and not set in stone! I am all but one person, and embroidery is time-consuming work. Please be patient.

·       All hoops are done in size 6” (15cm). If you prefer a different size, please mention this.

Name *
Please indicate preferred colours (e.g. pastel, warm tones, autumn, or summery). Leave this blank if you don’t have a preference.
(E.g. Ben + Kim; The King Family; Paris 2017). Leave this blank if you don’t have a preference.
(E.g. Please include a daisy flower, rainbows, or butterflies; beads or sequins)