Painting Imagination
with Thread

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Hello! I’m Inez, the mother of two beautiful children, Miya and Tyler. We live in Singapore where it’s summer all-year-round. I create embroidery art on hoops and accessories made to be loved and worn. I’ve always loved creating and working with my hands. When I left the fashion industry as a fashion merchandiser and buyer to be a full-time mother of two children, making jewellery and embroidery provided a meditative and creative outlet. 

I started out making jewellery out of vintage buttons and scraps of fabric that I had lying around. I grew more enamoured with the medium of embroidery, and this now forms the bulk of my work.

Like my eclectic personality, my work is ever evolving although I do lean towards the bohemian with a dash of kitsch. I love to embroider themes revolving around magic, star constellations and esoteric symbols. I use DMC floss threads as it allows me to capture details in a vibrant palette of colours and I like injecting depth and texture with hand-sewn beads and sequins.

I love that embroidery is timeless, exciting and provides endless possibilities. I do like a bit of chaos and a fusion of old and new. Embroidery to me encompasses that. It requires a whole lot of patience; there are no short cuts as each stitch is precise. In creating images or stories through thread, you can’t mix colours as you would with paint, but I find creating the illusion through thread immensely satisfying.

Check out my store for some fun, quirky jewellery or wall art. If you have a drawing or photo you would like to re-create in embroidery, write to me here.