They are great for gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings or even for yourself or loved ones.

starvstheforces of evil x.jpg

Option 1


Embroidered story hoop.

FullSizeRender 17 s.jpg

Option 2


Embroidered portrait with floral wreath.

FullSizeRender 35 s.jpg

Option 3


Full Embroidered portrait illustration with floral wreath.

FullSizeRender 32 sss.jpg

Option 4

$250 ++

Embroidered portrait with customised background.
*Price ranges on complexity of image and background.

How to get your
own customised portrait


1)Please fill in the form below.

2)There will be an email follow up on payment details and some photo references or inspirations that you have in mind.

3)All Singapore orders will be made via ibanking. International orders will be paid via PayPal.

4)I will begin once payment is made. Embroidery is a slow and artistic process so please be patient. Each piece takes between 2-6 weeks for completion depending on my work load.

5)All hoops are done in size 6" (15cm) 



I am currently experiencing a large number of commissions & won't be accepting any more commissions at the moment.


Please feel free to follow @inezdesigns on instagram for announcements or contact me if you have any inquiries.